GLIM – DDW 2019

This exhibition is an experiment to see if the myth of the magpie can be applied to humanity. To find out if people are going to value long lost objects again when they shine or have a shiny part. 

Furniture design studio Eigengijs applies this experiment to forgotten pieces of furniture and objects from the days of his grandparents. Those that now end up in thrift stores and landfill sides on a large scale. This is something that he, as a furniture maker, finds difficult to understand because, as someone who knows how to make furniture, he knows how many hours of craftsmanship are behind these pieces.  

Graphic artist Jordie Rovers incorporates this experiment into his work. In a period of investigating archeological digging sides he came across appealing traces left bij humanity. He is exploring aspects like value, context, and esthetics of the historical left overs exposed in modern times. Reviving the artifacts will be the main message of his prints in which he plays with new materials and the attraction of shiny objects to the human brain.


Some parts of this project will be shown in the windows  of Pop boutique salon at Wilhelminaplein 1.