Delft Blue Cabinet

Delft Blue Cabinet by Eigengijs,

Ever since the 16th century, Delft Blue has been part of the Dutch cultural heritage. The white and blue gold can be found everywhere, from museums and souvenir shops to your grandparents’ living room. The Delft Blue pieces are often beautifully displayed in cabinets and display cases. That got me thinking: why not make a Delft Blue cabinet?

As a designer, I got excited by the idea to take the Delft Blue technique and the material itself to a whole new scale and structure, to a place where the contrast between white and blue remains and where there is a lasting connection through the design. You will find that connection in the impressive doors of the cabinet, which take the shape of a long dinner plate or a bread plate. The support refers to a plate holder you will often find in display cases. The cabinet itself is also placed in a holder, bringing back the connection to its design.

The design was created using computer-automated techniques, but also by raw manual labor. As real earthenware would be to fragile to get the intended result, different materials were chosen that perfectly recreate that genuine Delftware look.

In the world of Delft Blue, there is a huge difference between “genuine” hand-painted earthenware and mass production, that is why the pattern will be painted on by hand. All credits for the design of the pattern go to graphic artist Jordie Rovers.