‘Magpie’ Series

I wanted to find out if the myth of the magpie can be applied to humanity (attraction to shiny objects). Therefore I am going to work with old furniture pieces that most people no longer value. Pieces of furniture that ending up in thrift stores and waste dumps in large numbers. As a furniture maker you can see how much time and effort was put into these old pieces of furniture at the time. And you feel burdened to see these beautiful pieces being written off as waste.. To give them a (new) future proof look, a sandblasting technique has been applied. And to stimulate the humans’ brain again, part of the furniture will be replaced by a ‘shiny’ hand-polished cast aluminum piece. The first piece in the series is this late 18th century handmade chair with a matt black coating and a refurbished cane chair seat. Other colors and kinds of furniture will follow soon!